And Then The Flowers

It has been, in my experience, that when people are planning their wedding, flowers are always the last thing they think about. They will always reserve the hall and church first, then comes the dresses and tuxedos, then the photographer. Most people don’t leave a lot of money for flowers. By the time all the deposits are put down and the list of what everything else costs is put on paper, they are usually short of funds by the time that they come to me for flowers they want the cost down but they don’t want to skimp on the flowers. This always puts me in awkward position because I can’t change the cost of what flowers cost, so if you want all roses you are going to have to pay for all roses, I can’t charge you the price of carnations and give you roses. Brides and mothers of brides never seem to understand this.

They come to me with ideas of having huge bouquets, with flowers on every table, with flowers here and flowers there but get blind sided when I tell them the cost. People don’t realize how expensive flowers actually are, they think that flowers are the cheapest thing, which compared to everything else they probably are but they still will cost you. They get all disappointed when they realize they have to downgrade the sizes and sometimes even downgrade the flowers. Like getting roses instead of callas or hydrangeas or even orchids, or getting mixed wild flowers instead of roses. Or maybe one dozen instead of three dozen. It always puts me on the defense because they act like I am scamming them when I tell them their options. In my head though, I thinking, that they just spit out so much money for everything else, did they haggle those people like they are me? Probably not. In the shop where I work and even at home I have books with different styles of bouquets with different flowers and they are all priced out. It never fails, I will get asked if I could do this bouquet with three dozen roses for a cheaper price. Very nicely I respond by saying that I cannot, if they wanted to spend less than they get less.

I do feel bad, of course, I wish I could do a huge wedding and not charge them the full price, but if I did that I wouldn’t be in business anymore and neither would my shop. There is a reason that we charge what we charge. We have to pay a certain amount for the flowers and it is not just the flowers, its the ribbon, the tape, the pins, the greens, the containers and every other little thing that goes with the flowers, plus we have to pay ourselves for our time, doing flowers for a wedding is time consuming. It can be a whole day affair, then there is the whole next morning setting everything up and making sure everyone has the flowers that they need, when they need them. A lot goes into the preparing, making and setting up.

So just keep this in mind if you are going to be planning a wedding, after you have picked what hall you want to rent and the church for the ceremony, please save money for the flowers, this way you have more options and are more likely to get what you want.

Thanks all!


Set Up Disaster

So over this passed weekend I had a wedding for my friends son. It wasn’t a huge wedding but not a small one either. There were five girls and five guys on each side and there were twelve tables of arrangements to do, plus as a bonus for my “clients” I will decorate other tables as well. Such as the cake table, the gift table, the head table (if they haven’t already wanted it), and any other thing that I can do for them that they do not know about. The thing is, since I do this on my own, is that I have to buy things in bunches or dozens, I do not have the benefit of only buying what I need, so if the bride and groom only have ten tables I have to buy twelve and I have to charge them for the everything I buy, but since I will have no use for this stuff after their wedding I will use what is extra for decorations around the hall.

After I had gone to the church to give the bouquets to the girls and the bouts to the boys and made sure the moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas had their bouts and corsages and had set up the church I headed to the reception hall to set up there. When I got to the hall there was a lot of commotion going on. I didn’t know what was happening at first, I just thought that maybe everyone who was supposed to be there setting their stuff up were there all at the same time and everyone was getting in everyone’s way but that wasn’t it. Apparently the a pipe busted in the men’s bathroom and it was flooded. Now this was going to be the bathroom that the guest were using so this was a big problem. The manager at the hall had already called a plumber from a local plumbing company. The plumber was hard at work when I got there, they had already turned off the water but there was still a lot of water to soak up, not to mention trying to figure out the problem and get it solved before the guests starting to arrive. That didn’t leave a lot of time because the ceremony was starting in a hour, then the count down to the guests started.

I felt so bad for the people who were frantically running around trying to get everything back to perfect, that once I got done with everything that I needed to do I volunteered my services to help them. They were grateful for any extra person that would help. It was quite a humorous scene because I was attending the reception so I was all dressed up but that didn’t stop me from helping to mop up the bathroom, it was like whatever I needed to do to make sure that the bride and groom had the best day they could have. So I did what needed to be done to make that happen for them and so did everyone else, including the plumber. That man put everything he had in getting the problem fixed, I couldn’t believe it, he even called a fellow plumber in for help at no extra charge to the hall because he was all caught up in the same moment we were, which was doing everything in our power to make sure this party happened. It was amazing to see all these people working together.

I’m happy to say that everything did end up working out and no one told the guests what happen until the night was almost over, this way they could enjoy the night the right way. But the bride and groom didn’t seem to mind about the “small” problem we had with the bathroom since we got it taken care of before they got to experience it.

Thanks everyone,