Beautiful Tree at risk of being cut down.

I know I have not been super active on the site for a while but I finally have something worth talking about so I figured I would put it out there.  On a recent trip to Michigan I came across a majestic tree in one of the parks that I visited.  The tree has to be over 100 years old because it was absolutely huge.  When we saw the tree we were awestruck.

Unfortunately, this tree is more than likely gonna be cut down because the state is planning on selling the property to developers!  The locals are not happy about this since this tree has become quite popular over the years.  Protesters have been collecting signatures to stop the sale and they seem to be making progress.  The movement is gathering steam.  They have one final chance to plead with local government on why this landmark should not be sold.  There is not a whole lot that I can do personally except to maybe spread the word a bit.  The reason I can’t do too much is because I don’t actually live there.  That in mind, if you live in the Waterford, Michigan area please help the cause and help to stop this tree removal.

Every year our local and state governments sell off massive amounts of property to the highest bidder.  Some people say that this is a good thing, to put land back in the hands of private owners but while I think that is partially true, I also know that we should still keep most of our parks in tact otherwise we won’t have any left after a few years. If you would like more information on how you can help, please shoot me an email or leave a comment below and I will send some info your way.  I was asked not to post a phone number so requesting more information is the best way for you to find out more.


Michigan Tree
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