Perfect Time For Flowers

The most wonderful thing about flowers is that they can be given for any reason or better yet for no reason. Any occasion can call for flowers, or for no occasion at all. If you want to cheer someone up, if you haven’t seen them in awhile or if you have a party to go to and you want to bring your hosts a special gift, flowers are definitely the way to go. This is why flowers are so wonderful, they are an appropriate gift no matter what. I have never seen anyone who was upset about receiving flowers. Any reason you can think about to give flowers to someone I guarantee that they will be pleasantly surprised and will happily accept them.

For those people who live in The States that have cold and snowy winters, like me living in Michigan, I feel appreciate flowers just a little more than those who have warmer weather year round. Granted though, that flowers do have a growing cycle and will only bloom certain times of the year but when you live in States that have warmer weather for longer periods of time you can find flowers that will bloom at all times. For us, who live in the northern states we pretty much get to look at our gardens full of blooms for about five months out of the year. The other seven months we need to keep the flowers blooming indoors, so we always welcome cut flowers as gifts. The spring time is one of our favorite times because we are finally able to get outdoors once again to bring our gardens to life.


With that, summer time is the slowest time for most flower shops because everyone is growing their own flowers. From around September when the schools are having their homecoming dances to May when Mothers Day occurs is the busiest time for flower shops. During that time we have Sweetest Day, for those who do not live in the Mid West, Sweetest Day is similar to Valentines Day. Then comes Halloween, and yes people to get arrangements for Halloween, there is starting to be a lot of places that are creating great containers for Halloween. Next is Thanksgiving and Christmas, followed closely by New Years Eve. Then comes the dreaded Valentines Day, Administrated Professionals Day, Easter, Prom and finally Mothers Day, which marks the end of year for florist. After that they struggle to stay busy until the end of summer.

All of these holiday’s and even random days throughout the year are good times to get flowers for yourself or someone else. Flowers bring such a wonderful state of mind, they are so simple yet can make you smile and happy from just looking at them that is blows my mind that people do not constantly keep flowers in their home. I always do, I vary it up to, I never get the same flowers if I can help it. Just a small bouquet is sufficient enough, there is no need to always have a huge bouquet in the house. A tiny bit will go a long way, trust me.

Thanks every one who has sent in a comment or story, I am going through them and my next post will feature one of your stories!