Photo Booths

Because I do flowers for friends and family, I get asked a lot of questions that pertain to weddings. Now, I am not an expert or anything but I feel that I know quite a bit about them, since I have been working with flowers for a very long time. I know more about some things than others but I try to be knowledgeable in all aspects of weddings but there are so many things that go along with weddings that it is hard to know everything. Plus styles change, themes change, whats in or whats out changes and so on and so forth, it is hard to keep up sometimes. The one question I have been getting a lot lately is about photo booths. Do I know a good company? Have I heard anything bad about a certain company? To be honest I really don’t know much about the photo booth industry. My couple is getting married in West Bloomfield so I told them to google search to rent a booth West Bloomfield, MI and if that didn’t work, I suggested different key words or to try different cities that are close to their venue.

I do know though, that photo booths are becoming more and more popular, and because of that popularity the photo booth companies are getting better and better with all of the stuff that they will provide. When I got married, many years ago, we didn’t have anything like this. My wedding was still a traditional wedding but a traditional wedding of the time that I was married. I am not going to go more into that but just to say that I think that the weddings of today are a lot more stylish than when I got married. But these photo booths are so cool, most companies provide items that you can use in the booth to make the pictures more fun like hats, glasses or things that you can hold in your hand. I believe now that most will even print the bride and grooms name with the date of the wedding right on the picture for a keepsake and some will even make a album of all the pictures for the bride and groom. Very neat.

I felt bad that I didn’t know much about individual companies, maybe I should start doing some research on them but I told my couple to just read the reviews of what ever companies come up and to see what their rating is, and I suggested calling them and just asking questions about their services just so they could get a feel for them. There are a lot of companies out there now that provide photo booths and there are just as many options for photo booths. It can get overwhelming at times, trust me I know. I told them to write down the things that they are looking for and a list of questions to ask so they don’t forget anything, this is actually useful for anything that you are researching.

Thanks all for reading!