Why I Do It

There is nothing better than seeing people smile because of what you have done for them. The things that you can create for others and seeing them wide eyed and happy for it is just amazing. When I first started out I had no idea where it would take me but within my first week of working in my first flower shop I knew that this is where I wanted, needed to be. My fellow co-workers would always tell me “wait until your first holiday”. They were trying to warn me that the holiday’s are the worst time for any florist. Even though the holidays are how flower shops stayed in business year after year, they were still the most stressful time ever. Which they are but I thrived in them, I used the holidays in such a way to benefit me. It was hard, I was tired and stressed but it was also exhilarating! So many people coming in for flowers for their parties or people coming in for flowers for their hosts! Some you could never make happy but most are grateful for our expertise and help.

I stayed with it year after year and never tired of it. I tried to improve myself annually as well, what ever my co-workers wanted to teach me I learned, whenever my boss suggested a class to take I took. I wanted to be able to create the coveted designs of weddings and funerals. Those were the arrangements that the most skilled designer got to create and I wanted to be that person. At first, I got to arrange roses and carnations in a vase. Those were the easiest to create and fix if something went terribly wrong, just one dozen at a time. Then I upgraded to arranging two dozens roses and carnations, then mixed flowers. Soon I was on to creating baskets and boutonniere’s. I knew I was getting good when they let me make coursages.

That’s when I realized that bows were going to be my down fall. Who knew that making a bow was going to be so hard? Not me. It took me the longest time to make a stupid bow. It was so frustrating, my fingers would not corroborate with the ribbon to form the perfect bow. Needless to say, I struggle for awhile with my bows. I would take the ribbon home to practice. After a time that I thought was too long I finally made a decent bow. I was so proud of myself! My boss actually bought me lunch that day that I made the bow. And yes I remember that because bow making was very traumatizing for me.

So year after year I practiced, learned and improved. Now I can do any type of floral arranging, I can produce flowers for any type of event you throw at me and I absolutely love it and will do nothing else for as long as I live. I hope you all email me and share stories of your floral background and skills. Head to my contact page and I will get your story posted!

Until next time,